About us

Hello and welcome to the home of Siesta Linen

Here at Siesta Linen we aim to provide you with high quality bedding which is proudly Australian made

Our products have been approved by the Australian Made Campaign allowing us to sell our products with the well respected Australian made and owned logo.


What makes us different?

We source the finest quality linen fabric from Europe which is transformed into our bedding products right here in Australia!

As we are an Australian brand, it made sense to support our fellow manufacturing and trade services here on our own soil. Having our bed linen range made in Australia is something that we truly value. 

Our fabric of choice is 100% linen simply because:

  • We love the effortless feel it brings into a home
  • It can be used throughout all seasons
  • It is sustainable (comes from the Flax plant and the whole plant is utilised = no waste)
  • The production of linen requires less water and pesticides than other fibres.
We have chosen to use linen grown in Europe because it is by far the highest quality.  If we were able to source our linen in Australia we would, however due to Europe's climate it is optimal to produce a stronger and more durable fibre which therefore provides the finest linen fabric. 


Thank you for supporting us and the Australian made way.